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Founded in 2007 by 3 engineers with PhDs in electronics engineering and over 40 years of collective experience in digital signal processing and digital communications. We offer an extensive range of DSP-based hearing protection and voice enhancement solutions for telecom, aviation and specialist headsets as well as tiny digital In-The-Ear (ITE) headsets. 

SonoKlara SK200V for call centres:

True wideband (8kHz) DSP amplifier with unsurpassed hearing protection and call clarity for internet calls and PC-based voice communication. SonoKlara SK200V protects call centre agents from wide range of acoustic incidents (shocks) and noise-induced hearing loss through the headset. Conforms to 83dBA over 8 hours, surpassing Noise at Work Legislation and EU Directive 2003/10/EC. It is configurable for any call centre headset.


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SonoKlara SK200V receives certificate of 'Highly Commended' from the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology).


SonoKlara SK200V is finalist in 2013  'Electronic Product of the Year' for British Engineering Excellence Awards.


SonoKlara SK200V endorsed by Acoustic Safety Program as the device to comply with the highest standards of acoustic safety, functionality and voice intelligibility.


Judy Jones, Director at Call Connections:

"We have been using SonoKlaras at Call Connection for a year now and have found them a big improvement on products from the major manufacturers. Call quality for the agents is much improved and our experience shows they have far better protection from extraneous noises, a significant factor now most calls are to mobiles.  ElaraTek as a company is efficient, responsive and willing to work with us on innovative solutions. We are shortly to open another call centre and the new recruits will be fortunate as they will use SonoKlaras from the start."

SonoKlara is ElaraTek's registered trademark for DSP voice enhancement and hearing protection technologies.




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