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Founded in June 2007 by three engineers with PhDs in electronics engineering with over 40 years of collective experience in digital signal processing (DSP), adaptive control modelling and digital communication.

We have longstanding experiences in design and development of innovative and efficient DSP algorithms suitable for running on ultra-low power fixed-point  DSP platforms. We're also well rehearsed in delivering bespoke PCBs with integrated DSP firmware for rapid prototyping.

Our DSP algorithms are offered under SonoKlara® license. These include: multi-mic beam-former, bi-directional noise canceller, adaptive feedback canceller, acoustic echo canceller, speech enhancement, acoustic shock attenuator, noise dose monitoring and hearing protection against noise-induced hearing loss.


SonoKlara® algorithms have been developed and optimised over many years and incorporated in numerous devices in the market, including: ITE (in-the-ear) headset / ear defender, ground mechanic headset, in-line amplifier for airline pilot headset, mobile conferencing for motorbike riders, call centre amplifier for VoIP & PC telephony; as well as high-end mono and stereo Bluetooth® headsets. See product_chart for details.


available DSP platforms:

Our algorithms are available in fixed-point C format and are readily ported to any fixed-point DSP platform. Currently offered on the following low-power DSPs:

- Kalimba embedded DSP in CSR8670/CSR8675 SOC
- Belasigna300 audio SOC from ON Semiconductor®
- Kalimba DSP in QCC51xx SOC from Qualcomm®
- ARM Cortex® embedded system processor


what else we offer:

- bespoke design of ANR (active noise reduction) cct
- PCB design with integrated DSP firmware for rapid prototyping. See consultancy page for details.


SonoKlara® is ElaraTek's registered trademark.




bespoke solutions:

Call Centre - VoIP

Call Centre - PSTN

Bluetooth Headset

Aviation Headset













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