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Oct 2013  ElaraTek's SonoKlara® SK200V hearing protection device has been selected as a finalist for the Communications category of the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) Innovation Awards 2013. This is an extremely competitive award, with over 400 entries from 30 countries. We're overjoyed that the judges felt the innovation offered by SonoKlara® SK200V hearing protection device was amongst the best in the Communications category. The winner of this year’s Innovation Award will be revealed on Wednesday 20 November 2013 at The Brewery in London.

Sept 2013 We're delighted to announce SonoKlara® SK200V is shortlisted as the Electronic Product of the Year for this year’s British Engineering Excellence Awards. The winners of this year’s Awards will be revealed on Thursday 24 October 2013 at 8 Northumberland Avenue in London, when some 250 people gather to recognize the achievements of all shortlisted organizations.

July 2013 The low-cost SonoKlara® SK200V is now available with enhanced call clarity and hearing protection for internet calls and PC-based voice communication. A wideband DSP Amplifier designed to work with all major contact centre headsets including Jabra, Plantronics, Clement Clarke and Radius headsets. SonoKlara® SK200V provides unsurpassed hearing protection against a wide range of acoustic incidents and noise-induced hearing loss through the headset and is fully compliant with Noise at Work Legislation and EU Directive 2003/10/EC. SonoKlara® SK200V is independently tested and endorsed by Acoustic Safety Program as the amplifier that meets the highest standards of acoustic safety, functionality and voice intelligibility. Click HERE for details. CONTACT US for your Free Trial.

May 2012 SonoKlara® Wideband VoIP DSP Amplifier is now available for modern call centres equipped with digital and IP-based voice communication systems. SonoKlara® can be used with all major brands of call centre headsets and Workstations. SonoKlara® provides unsurpassed hearing protection against injuries from acoustic shock and noise-induced hearing loss through the headset.

Nov 2011 Acoustic Safety Programme (ASP), an independent testing organisation, endorses ElaraTek's SonoKlara® amplifier as a product that meet the highest standards of safety, functionality and voice intelligibility performance for contact centre application. Click HERE for full details.

July 2011 ElaraTek launches the SonoKlara® SK200 product, a DSP-based contact centre amplifier that's easily installed to work with all major headsets and telephone systems in your call centre. The SK200 amplifier significantly reduces risk of injuries from acoustic shock & noise-induced hearing loss through the headset, while enhancing speech intelligibility & customer voice clarity. Click HERE for details. CONTACT US for your Free Trial.

June 2011 Following a license agreement signed in November 2010, ElaraTek delivered its customised SonoKlara® DSP software solution for specialist comms application to 3M Svenska AB. Patric Anvegard, Technical Project Manager at 3M, stated: “we are very pleased with the performance of this solution; field testing of prototype products is underway with promising initial results”; adding that: “this is the second project delivered by ElaraTek and in both cases we are completely satisfied with their technology and ability to deliver in a timely manner”.

Apr 2010 Telefónica O2 UK Ltd endorses the new Telecoms consultancy partnership between ElaraTek and Acoustic Safety Programme (ASP).

ASP ElaraTek Consulting; a new partnership is formed between ElaraTek and ASP, to deliver specialised systems testing for large telecoms and industrial engineering companies both in the UK and France. The new service is designed to investigate the source of acoustic incidents and noise interference within telecommunications infrastructures as well as establish the characteristics and actual levels of noise exposure from regular and long-term telephone usage to improve employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Telefónica O2 UK Ltd has endorsed this new partnership; Chris Jacobs, Health and Safety manager for Telefónica O2 UK stated that he is "proud to endorse the specialist work that ASP ElaraTek Consulting provide and would recommend them to any Company considering improving their hearing conservation practices". Full released statement can be found

Dec 2009 ElaraTek delivers a DSP hardware module with a range of integrated voice quality technologies to a major military headset manufacturer. This solution has been designed as a Capability Demonstrator platform in accordance with the terms of the MoU and licensing agreement signed in July 2009. ElaraTek has also demonstrated it’s recently launched enhanced dual-mic noise cancellation algorithm on one of their latest military headsets.

Aug 2009 ElaraTek launches its enhanced dual-mic noise canceller, now cancelling all noise types (babble, cocktail, music, etc.) from any direction, including noise sources from same direction (0 degrees) relative to speaker’s mouth. ElaraTek offers tuning services based on a newly devised method that eliminates the need for individual headset / handset calibration during manufacturing. ElaraTek now offers a sophisticated range of voice quality solutions for headset and handset manufacturers, such as combined: dual-mic noise reduction in transmit + noise reduction in receive + acoustic echo cancellations with excellent double talk performance + voice equalisation in receive + noise-dependent auto volume control for the receive channel. Further details available on request: info@elaratek.com

Mar 2009 ElaraTek delivers its voice quality technologies to a North American audio solution provider under the licensing agreement signed in Oct 2008. 

Feb 2009 ElaraTek delivers its first PCB design platform (with integrated DSP software) for call centre, aviation and military headsets applications.  

Jan 2009 ElaraTek delivers voice quality and hearing protection solution to a Swedish specialist headset manufacturer under the licensing agreement signed in June 2008.  

Jan 2008 ElaraTek launches SonoKlara® integrated voice quality stack on Kalimba DSP and joins CSR’s eXtension partner program.

Dec 2007 ElaraTek files three patents in voice, audio enhancement and hearing protection technologies.  

Nov 2007 ElaraTek delivers music enhancement solution for UK-based Bluetooth® headset manufacturer.






































































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