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Our suite of DSP algorithms for voice quality, speech enhancement and hearing conservation, offer ultra low-delay, low MIPs/memory footprint and highly adaptive solutions for a range of communication devices.

The product chart below illustrates typical combination of SonoKlara algorithms used for different applications.


    BT Aviation Mobile ITE Hearing  
    H/S H/S Radio H/S Aid  
  Adaptive Noise Reduction            
    multi-mic noise canceller    
    bi-directional noise canceller    
    low-delay noise canceller  
  Echo / Feedback Cancellation            
    line echo canceller          
    acoustic echo canceller    
    side-tone canceller          
    adaptive feedback canceller      
  Speech Enhancement            
    dynamic range compressor   
    noise-dependent vol control      
    speech equalization  
    voice activity detector      
    automatic gain control      
  Hearing Protection            
    acoustic incident attenuator   
    high-pitch shock attenuator    
    multi-tone attenuator          
  Noise Dose Control            
    noise dose monitoring       
    noise dose control      
  Music Equalization            
    jazz, classic, rock, bass,.         


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