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Integrated DSP Module

We offer DSP hardware design based on ultra-low power BelaSigna300 DSP from On Semiconductor as well as CSR's Bluetooth embedded Kalimba DSP with customised firmware for bespoke applications.

Module features include:

  • ultra-low power BelaSigna300 DSP module (<3mA @ 1.8V)
  • multiple input channels for comms and talk-through microphones
  • independent left and right comms channels
  • integrated high quality audio CODECs
  • customised DSP software for telephony and multimedia applications
  • compliancy with acoustic safety guidelines and noise legislation
  • software code security and upgradability
  • up to 18dB gain on transmit channel for carbon-mic consoles
  • auto bypass of DSP when battery is low, to ensure critical operation
  • tiny form-factor


Call Centre Amplifiers

We offer DSP-based amplifiers to address critical safety shortfalls in call centre hearing protection. ElaraTek's SonoKlara® DSP Amplifiers incorporate sophisticated acoustic shock protection and noise dose measurement and control, compliant with Noise at Work Legislations and EU Directive 2003/10/EC. SonoKlara® DSP Amplifiers protect operators' hearing from a wide range of acoustic incidents and thus significantly reduce the risk of injuries from acoustic shock and noise-induced hearing loss through the headset. They improve quality of life and performance of call centre Agents by enhancing voice quality and reducing operator fatigue.

Bluetooth® DSP Software

We offer a highly integrated and optimised DSP software solution for  Kalimba embedded DSP on CSR's Bluetooth chipsets. Features include:

  • 1Mic / 2Mic noise reduction for transmit channel
  • noise reduction and speech enhancement in receive channel
  • acoustic echo cancellation
  • noise dependent automatic volume control
  • acoustic exposure monitoring and control for stereo BT headsets
  • music equalisation (bass, treble, rock, classic)

Mobile Phone and Personal Mobile Radio (PMR/PTT)

Our suite of voice quality and speech enhancement algorithms provide ideal solution for mobile phones and personal mobile radios (or PTT radios) with 1Mic or 2Mic design. Mobile communication is significantly enhanced by reducing background noise in both incoming and outgoing channels. Additionally, noise-dependent volume control automatically adjusts the volume of the incoming call in proportion to the amount of ambient noise.













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