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ElaraTek has longstanding experiences in digital signal processing, adaptive system modelling and control. These experiences range from research & innovation in algorithms design and development on a range of DSP platforms, ranging from powerful Texas Instrument DSPs to ultra-low power BelaSigna300 audio processor.

Consultancy services for… 

- Design, development, porting and optimization of DSP algorithms
- Hardware PCB design for specialist DSP application 
Acoustic exposure monitoring and measurement through the headset
Compliancy with Noise at Work Legislation & EU Directive 2003/10/EC
Investigation of acoustic incidents and line noise interference

For the following DSP platforms… 

- Fixed point and floating point C5 / C6 series from Texas Instrument
- BelaSigna300 audio processor from On-Semiconductor  
- Kalimba embedded DSP on CSR’s Bluetooth® chipsets

Hardware and firmware for… 

- In The Ear (ITE) headset and hearing protection
- Integrated hardware / firmware for aviation and military headsets 
- Voice and music enhancement for wired or wireless headsets  











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