We offer PCB design and development with integrated DSP firmware for rapid prototyping.

Examples of designs delivered to our clients:

digital amplifier for airline pilot headset


Module features include:

  • customised DSP firmware with noise reduction & dynamic range compression on input channels.
  • speech enhancement at a touch of a button.
  • noise dose monitoring and control in compliance with the EU 2003/10/EC noise directive announcing the logging by the pilot compliancy with acoustic safety and noise directives.
  • average noise dose logged by the pilot.
  • ~18dB ANR (active noise reduction) below 1Khz.
  • auto bypass of DSP at low battery for safe operation in any circumstance.
  • option for stereo or mono (independent left / right) input comms channels.
  • MP3/Aux input channel for music with immediate auto-switchover to any active comms channel.
  • integrated high quality stereo CODEC.
  • can be powered from aircraft avionics system or two AA batteries.

ITE (in-the-ear) headset & test jig




Module features include:

  • DSP-based ITE hearing protector.
  • ultra-low power consumption ~3mA @1.8V d.c.
  • instantaneous acoustic shock protection allowing microphone to remain open at all times.
  • compressor / expander on input channel.
  • adaptive noise cancellation on incoming channel.
  • integrated high quality audio CODECs.
  • 10dB output gain at a touch of a button.
  • noise-dependent automatic gain control.
  • firmware code security.
  • tiny form-factor.
  • test jig for unit programming and testing.

stereo Bluetooth headset



Highly integrated and optimised DSP firmware for Bluetooth headset, offers:

  • multi-mic noise reduction on transmit channel.
  • noise reduction and speech enhancement in receive channel.
  • acoustic echo cancellation.
  • noise dependent automatic volume control.
  • acoustic exposure monitoring and control.
  • music equalisation (bass, treble, rock, classic).

SonoKlara VoIP amplifier for contact centre



SonoKlara VoIP amplifier addresses critical safety shortfalls in call centres by offering sophisticated acoustic shock protection, speech enhancement and noise dose monitoring and control. It is also fully compliant with EU Directive 2003/10/EC. It protects call centre agents from a wide range of acoustic incidents and significantly reduces risk of injuries from acoustic shock and noise-induced hearing loss through the headset. See product brief for more details. 

we also offer consultancy on:

- Porting and optimization of clients' algorithms
- Design of ANR (active noise reduction) circuits
- Noise dose measurement through the headset
- Compliancy with EU Directive 2003/10/EC


SonoKlara is ElaraTek's registered trademark.



bespoke solutions:

Call Centre - VoIP

Call Centre - PSTN

Bluetooth Headset

Aviation Headset










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